Spread your wings, Feel the long Vacation, and Become a Pilot!

The capital city of Negros Oriental, Dumaguete has been known as a university town for its big universities and colleges that cater students coming from all over Negros Island, nearby islands, and Mindanao. Now home to more than 4,000 Experiates, it was tagged by Forbes Magazine in 2014 as the 5th best place to retire in the world.

Whatever things Forbes did factor-in in making Dumaguete City on the top list, there are obvious reasons that anyone from different perspectives would see even after just a day of city experience. Here, It’s a common sighting where people, local or expatriate, walk confidently in the city even at night – brisk walking, rushing to an appointment, or just having a recreational slow walk along the boulevard.

The city has several BPO companies that employ more than 10,000 employees. The presence of BPO Companies and Universities, the expatriates, the tourists that make the city a center-stay to access numerous beaches, dive resorts, small islands, and mountain spots that surround the city – are some of the reasons why Dumaguete City feels happily alive around the clock. Sports and Fitness Facilities, Music Bars, and Shopping malls are open everyday and several restaurants, coffee shops, and convenience stores are available 24 hours.

The School, the Hangar and the Airport

Dumaguete City’s airport, where the Royhle hangar is located, is just a 10-15  minute drive from downtown. And in between that distance is where the school building is located. Transportation between them is cheap and fast, usually with a motorized tricycle, motorcycle, or taxi.
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